taking pictures with your mobile phone

9 tips for taking pictures with your mobile phone

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In the era of low-cost flights, the watchword is “travel light“. Traditional cameras are among the first victims of the new times: in fact, more and more travelers decide not to leave with heavy and bulky photographic equipment and instead choose to use only the lightest and most comfortable mobile phones and smartphones to make their own travel photos.

Here are 9 tips for taking pictures with your smartphone:

  1. Lens always clean

When the mobile phone is not in your hands, it is in your pocket, purse, backpack, where it is easy to get dirty and dust: therefore remember to always clean the lens (with the glasses for example), before taking pictures.

  1. High resolution

Even if in this mode the photo will take up more space in the memory of your smartphone, the suggestion is to never give up the maximum resolution that guarantees your photos the best possible quality.

  1. No zoom

Always to ensure the highest quality of the photos, we advise you never to resort to zoom, which reduces the resolution of the image. After that, you will still have plenty of time to cut and enlarge the images taken.

  1. Distance

The alternative to zoom is all in the words of Robert Capa: ” if the photos are not good enough it is because you are not close enough “. The next time you take a photo, remember this pearl of wisdom from the great Hungarian photojournalist.

  1. The importance of light

The main weakness of smartphones is dark and dark subjects and environments, due to the small size of the photosensor inside the mobile phone. Therefore, always make sure that the place and subject of your photos have enough light. Furthermore, absolutely avoid taking pictures with any backlit camera.

  1. Rule of thirds

Born as a pictorial technique, this composition rule divides the image into thirds, placing the main object of the reproduction in one of the intersection points of the imaginary grid. Almost all smartphones are equipped with the grid device, which will allow you to take more dynamic, but equally harmonious photos.

  1. Creativity

Rules and advice are always useful but don’t give up on your artistic instinct and the desire to experiment with different frames and effects: the beauty of digital photography is in fact that it allows you to take countless photos of the same subject, from which you can then select with comfort the best shot.

  1. Memory

If, as written above, digital photography allows you to take hundreds of shots for the same photo, remember at the end of your daily tour to free your memory from waste photos, in order to always have space available for new shots.

  1. Applications

One of the best applications for photographs is Snapseed, which allows all kinds of adjustments to the photos taken, from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

  1. Filters

There are now many filters available for digital photographers, starting with those of Instagram. But remember not to overdo it and to use it moderately, always keeping in mind that filters cannot work miracles, that is, make a bad photo beautiful.

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