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How to shoot street photography

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Photography in the street consists of capturing everyday life as a documentary. There are already several people who find it a stimulating hobby that allows them to get to know and tour the cities.

Street photography can focus on people and their behavior in public spaces. It can be said that, in some way, this photographic genre records the history of the people who make up those images.

Although these photographs’ main subjects are people, it is also very common to frame the images that show empty urban spaces within this style.

What is street photography?

Street photography could be defined as the photograph which tries to document the daily life and society in the streets. The possibilities for practicing this type of photography can be found anywhere. It is not necessary to look for specific “settings” for this, although it is very likely that as a photographer, those same everyday situations will attract your attention when you experience them outside your environment diary.

Types of street photography

Although a priori it may give the impression that there are not many types of street photography, some subgroups could be distinguished, such as:

  • Group A, which includes photography that documents what happens on the street, intends to show the day-to-day life or the most common actions in every corner of a city.
  • Group B, the one that tries to report extraordinary situations or events. Here we could frame a type of photography closer to photojournalism or photo reportage.
  • Group C, in which urban images are collected, shows the spaces or how people interact with those atmospheres.

How to shoot street photography

We suggest some tips that you should consider if you want to obtain better results when you go out to take photos:

1. Go accompanied

Avoid going out alone. Remember that another person’s presence allows you to take better photographs since you do not have to worry about stopping every moment to monitor your equipment or the area in search of possible assailants or some other threat.

An extra pair of eyes is useful when looking for interesting images to capture, and it is always nice to take a walk in company.

2. Don’t attract attention

Don’t walk around with your camera exposed. Remember that attracting attention attracts potential criminals and can scare the protagonists of your next photo.

Try to have all your things stored so that you go unnoticed. You can use your camera case, but any bag camouflages your photographic equipment better.

3. Make yourself comfortable

If you are going to take pictures in the street, it is best to see them as comfortably as possible. Remember that you cannot stay static to take street photography and you will have to walk a lot.

Wear casual clothes, preferably sport (sneakers, a simple polo shirt, and jeans, for example).

4. Bring light gear

Use the most comfortable equipment. Do not carry many gadgets for your camera. Use only what is necessary. You can also use a simple pocket-sized digital camera (if the area you want to visit is dangerous) to make the tour easier.

5. Take care of your equipment

Do not take the camera out in places you do not know. Before taking out your material and exposing yourself, take a close look at the place where you are.

6. Form a group

You can go out to do street photography in a group. Get together people with the same interests and create a photographic tour of the city’s most interesting corners. You can advertise a kind of event on Instagram with its respective hashtag if that’s what you want.

7. Plan your routes

Before going anywhere, it is good that you identify the area and the possible safe routes. You can do it using Google maps. You can then share your routes with other users to encourage them to experiment with this practice.

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