10 tips for unforgettable underwater photography

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Do you love the sea and this year are you planning to take unforgettable shots underwater? Don’t miss the 10 tips from the Traveler’s Magazine to take breathtaking underwater photos!

The longed-for beach holidays are approaching, you can’t wait to immerse yourself in the clear waters of the Aegean and now everything is ready: the low-cost flight to Santorini has been booked, the swimsuit and the camera are already in the suitcase … more is missing? The 10 tips of the Traveler’s Magazine to take unforgettable photos underwater!

  1. Swim in safe waters

Ok, your hero is Jacques Couteau, but you don’t need to swim among the sharks to take the first shots! If you are a novice, start training not too far from the shore: an ideal playground where you can become familiar with your camera and the art of underwater photography.

  1. The importance of light

If the light is a fundamental element for the success of a good photo in general, it is even more so for underwater photography: the best time for this kind of shot is sunny afternoons. If, on the other hand, the day is not the best and the seawater is particularly cloudy, don’t forget to use the flash of your device.

  1. Stay close to the surface

Sometimes the best shots are those taken just below the surface, where the reflections of the sun, the propagation of the waves create suggestive effects for your photos.

  1. Experiment

Water is a powerful ally to go further with natural effects: try taking pictures by splashing and splashing in the water or using a gun or even indulging yourself with the snorkel.

  1. Use irony and originality

The idea is simple, but it always works: strive to recreate normal scenes of “surface life”, but not underwater: a bike ride or an umbrella, a football game, etc.

  1. Point the target upwards

Usually, we tend to photograph underwater from top to bottom, but the best shots are those taken with the lens pointed upwards, with the sun shining far away and illuminating the subject of your photo with its rays.

  1. Photo half underwater, half on the surface

Try to divide the subject of your photo into two parts, one half-submerged, the other on the surface by placing the lens on the water’s edge: the result will be amazing.

  1. Pay attention to the details

Getting as close as possible to the detail of a fish or coral can produce photographs of rare beauty.

  1. Be patient

Unhurriedly observing the behavior of the animal you want to photograph at sea will help you choose the most favorable moment for your shot.

  1. Many attempts

Try, try and try again: sometimes it is the shot on which you had not entrusted many expectations that is the best: do not be thrifty with your camera!

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