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Photography is considered by many as “the eighth art” and as such is the protagonist of exhibitions, museums, awards, and, of course, magazines and catalogs. Today we recommend you some of our favorite photography magazines. Do not look for recommendations for the best tripod in them, just let yourself be carried away and inspired by the beauty of their images and the talent of the photographers who publish in them.

List of photography magazines

C Photo:

Since its creation in 2006, the legendary Ivory Press publication has become the “bible” of photography as art. C Photo tries to maintain a balance between publishing the work of emerging talents as well as more established artists. Essential.


A classic that since 1999 collects the best of artistic photography in black and white. Available on paper (by subscription) and online, B&W has not stopped growing since its inception, highlighting the validity of the black and white format among photography fans and collectors.

1X Magazine:

1x Magazine contains inspiring interviews with the most interesting photographers of the moment. Plus, it features tutorials, tips, gear articles, and photoshoot stories. You can also buy photographs and books online.

43 MM Magazine:

43 MM focuses not only on photography but also dedicates space to illustration. You can see all their numbers online in PDF. Inspiration in abundance!


The VA! is promoted by a group of photographers from Valencia, with the purpose of giving visibility to emerging authors. Every number of VA! It is an independent piece with its own photographic approach focused on the character of the selected works. In turn, each issue opens with an introductory text by a prominent figure in the photographic field. The VA! is free and is distributed through photographic groups, schools, cultural venues, bookstores, museums, and galleries, and is present at photography festivals and seminars.

Red eyes:

Photography magazine of Spanish and Latin American authors. Red Eyes aims to “be a cafe from the early twentieth century. A meeting room for ideas, for miscegenation, where we can all learn something ”. Documentary photography, social photography, street art, portraits, multimedia, fashion, etc. are on its pages You can read it online on their website through Issue.

At La Imprenta CG we are specialists in printing magazines and catalogs and our work includes several publications in which photography takes on special importance, such as El porqué de ascending a mountain, Duplex,  Agapornis Magazine, or EME Magazine, among others.

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