boudoir photography

What is boudoir photography?

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The boudoir is a type of feminine photography in lingerie in which the elegance and sensuality of the woman prevail above all else. Get to know yourself more thanks to this photographic experience facing the camera and your fears to obtain natural photographs with elegance, sensuality, and delicacy. You can feel proud of yourself and your body. Let’s discover what is boudoir photography?

I anticipate that these types of female photos are becoming so fashionable. As a wedding photographer, some brides are demanding them to take them to their homes during the wedding preparations.

What is boudoir photography?

This type of photography has been widespread in other countries such as the US for many years and since 2010. Now, do not confuse boudoir photographs with other photos that are seen on the Internet, which claim to be boudoir but are NOT.

What are boudoir photos like?

Boudoir photography seeks to insinuate rather than teach, that the photos are very feminine and convey a lot of sensuality. Although artificial light is also used, the most appropriate light is natural, handling it as if it were natural light. Of course, backlights that hide details and enhance silhouettes are welcome.

The line is very thin, because as we speak, they have to be sensual but not sexual photos, so the elegance of the woman photographed and the good judgment of the photographer is essential. Everything seen so far can basically be summarized. Boudoir photography is a sensual photo of women for women.

As I already mentioned, boudoir should not be confused with the typical lingerie photos of men’s magazines with very suggestive and even aggressive poses, like Irina Shayk usually stars masterfully. They are photos in lingerie, but they are not boudoir.

What clothes to wear in these types of sensual photos?

In boudoir photos, a large part of the body must be shown, so the idea is to wear mainly fine lingerie. Still, it is also very interesting to complement with other garments that flatter your figure: bodysuits, lingerie shirts, corsets, as well as wearing sheets, objects, blankets, etc. to show and hide parts of the body according to our interest.

Where to take these photos in lingerie?

A boudoir report’s ideal location is a luxurious bedroom in a good hotel suite, but it can also be done in bedrooms or other rooms in spacious private homes. In some cases, if you have a good hand in assembling, you can build a bedroom, with its walls and windows, inside a photographic studio.

How are boudoir sessions carried out?

The boudoir reports are adapted to each person’s capacity and tastes, with a totally personalized treatment. The discretion when doing the photo session is maximum, and there must be a climate of trust, but also respect.

During the session, photographs of the following types are taken:

  • Documentary photographs in which you do not have to pose, simply stay away from the camera doing some activity (putting on makeup, looking out the window, getting dressed, etc.).
  • Moments directed by me, posing certain attitudes.
  • And a combination of the two previous types.
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  • What woman’s profile seeks to take photos of great feminine sensuality?
  • Most of the women who do these boudoir photo reports have profiles similar to the following:
  • Mothers, who after their child’s birth, and once their body has practically recovered, need to feel beautiful again.
  • Athletes and models with a great physique, and even those who follow strict diets, want to have photographs that show their great physical condition, not just any photos, but in ones that convey and mean something.
  • Women who want to surprise and give a very special and original detail to their partners. Although sometimes, they are the ones surprised because the session is a gift from their partners.
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