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Twelve keys to taking the best photographs

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It’s depressing to buy a great camera and not take the best photographs. We are probably neglecting the basic rules for capturing images, rules that everyone, including beginners, should master.

In this opportunity, we want to share a series of techniques along with their basic rules, guaranteeing that you can take the best photos, those that we like so much. We invite you to delve into how to take photos, tricks, and tips in a great guide that we have made for you.

Basic techniques to take the best photographs

Take good photographs

As we mentioned before, to take the best photographs you can start handling these first techniques that we will present to you below. Starting from them, you can be the best photographer.

Taking The Best Pictures: Know Your Camera Hardware

To take advantage of the equipment and take the best photos, it is important to know it very well; It does not matter if they are digital cameras or mobile devices. The ideal is to know all the details, sizes, pixels and megapixels, lens opening, lighting, and everything else.

You must explore all the functions of the lens, optical zoom, and stabilizer. The latter helps prevent blurry photos and videos by minimizing shakiness.

Knowing all the details of the camera is a good way to start; however, you should not deny that to fully know everything about the hardware, it is recommended to use it. Without a doubt, practice determines the most effective way to identify the pros and cons of the equipment.

Software: As Essential As The Previous One

Likewise, it is ideal to delve into the software of the equipment. Considering auto mode can be a great option when other settings cannot be configured. However, there are other options that can be considered to take the best photos; knowing them is the key.

The cameras have scene modes where you can play around with exposure standards, colors and effects. Now, if the camera comes with filter apps, we recommend not using them to apply them later with an editing app.

On the other hand, we cannot forget that it brings other modes, such as night, macro, or portrait. In this sense, it is best to practice them and take many photos until you find the configuration that works best.

Clean Lens When Taking The Best Pictures

Considering that we are photography lovers, surely we manipulate the camera very often; Sometimes, without realizing it, it gets dirty, so we must clean it frequently. The ideal is to use a chamois or special fabric for it, although a cotton shirt works. You must be careful not to scratch the lens when you are cleaning it.

Natural Lighting, Great Resource

Taking the best photos basically depends on the lighting. It is a key and very important factor to guarantee a good photo. As we already know, some cameras and/or devices are a bit weak to function in literally dark areas.

For its part, what is recommended is to work mostly with natural light, even if you are not outside. If you want to capture an image and you are indoors, you should look for abundant and diffused lighting; in this way, you will obtain a harmonic photograph.

Always Take Care Of Contrasts When Taking The Best Photographs

The lighting provided in the middle of the day is a valuable tool for creating sharp contrast; much more if the camera balances the shadows and highlights.

However, difficulties can be encountered when the camera does not have the ability to balance a large dynamic range. It can be noticed that the contrasts between the lights and the shadows cause it to be distorted, reflecting the burned lighting and the shadows without details.

The Role Of Backlighting

These are also valuable tools, you just have to be careful with the details. There are photographs where the background could appear burned while the lights are slightly degraded, reflecting silhouettes.

However, we must ensure that in images where the lighting is from the front, it can be totally different.

Let’s Avoid The Use Of Flash

The flash is fairly harsh lighting that produces certainly highlighted shadows that in a few cases are useful. If you want to take the best pictures avoid using it while you can.

For Night Mode, Use A Tripod Or Other Support

As we have explained before, the absence of light is likely to be a weak factor for many cameras. Although most have night mode, it is difficult to capture images at night.

Therefore, in these cases it is ideal to support yourself with a tripod; if you don’t have one, you can lean on another solid one that fixes the camera to prevent the nerves from damaging the photograph.

Grid, Excellent Ally

This is a key factor in getting good photos. Through the grid, it is easier to adjust the photo. A tilted direction can spoil the best of the photos; therefore having a square approach is very important.

Move In Search Of The Best Scene When Taking The Best Photos

If we review the images captured by ourselves, surely we always have the same position. However, if we adopt other positions to take pictures, we will obtain different and attractive results.

Perhaps, if we bend down to take a picture, we can get a super interesting shot.

Macro Photography

When we want to photograph tiny objects, we have the opportunity to fully enlarge their scale, offering a super attractive effect. In fact, if we bring it too close it could become abstract. On the other hand, it provides the advantage of creating an observable blur of the object and the background.

Let’s Avoid Zoom Unless It’s Optical

We probably don’t know anything about optical zoom (automatically achieved by the lens, without the need to extend the software ). When we use the camera zoom we lose the quality of the photo. The recommended thing to take the best photos is to capture normal photos and cut out the details with editing applications.


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