Best photo scanner apps

The top five photo scanner apps for iPhone

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When you think of scanning documents, do you picture a bulky piece of equipment sitting in a corner gathering dust? Well, you might be surprised to learn that you can now use your iPhone to scan important documents or old photos instead.

With a photo scanner app, you can automatically remove reflections and distortion from images, and get a high-quality image with the correct aspect ratio. With apps that offer convenient features like automatic edge detection, color restoration, and cropping, it’s never been easier to digitize your most precious photos.

Whether you need to scan photos, bank statements, or receipts, here are the top five iPhone photo scanner apps, both free and paid.

Free apps: best iPhone photo scanner apps

If you need to scan images once in a while or just once, there are some great apps available that won’t cost you a dime. Here are three of the best tools for scanning photos.


Photo scanner apps for iPhone

With Cam Scanner, you can crop and edit your scanned images and then turn them into PDF or JPEG files that you can easily share. The app’s tagging option allows you to easily organize your photos by theme, making them easy to find and share. Plus, the app works with various third-party tools like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive, making it easy to sync with the tools you already use.

Although there is a premium version of Cam Scanner, the free software offers enough features to enjoy high-quality scans that are easy to share. It can be downloaded from the App Store.

Best features:

  • Smart cropping and automatic image enhancement
  • Incorporation of watermarks or annotations
  • Create an access code to view private documents

Google PhotoScan

Developed by Google, PhotoScan is available for iOS and Android. Simply take three photos of the scanned item from different angles and let PhotoScan automatically combine them into one glare-free digital image. Although the editing options are limited, being able to add your images to Google Photos is a useful feature if you’re already using Google tools.

PhotoScan can be downloaded from the App Store.

Best features:

  • Reflection-free scans in seconds
  • Auto crop based on edge detection
  • Smart rotation ensures photos are always in the correct orientation


Photomyne allows you to scan multiple photos into one image. It automatically detects boundaries, then automatically rotates, crops, and saves your scans to a digital album that you can easily share with family and friends. In addition, Photomyne offers useful tools to get the most out of your photos, such as colorizing black and white images or creating collages.

You can create an account to access restricted features, although the free version offers great functionality for scanned images. Photomyne can be downloaded from the App Store.

Best features:

  • Scan multiple images into one photo
  • Application of photographic filters and colorization of images
  • Create photo collages, slideshows, and much more

PhotoScanner Plus

Photo Scanner Plus automatically detects image boundaries and rotates the image to create a high-quality scan without distortion. Plus, Photo Scanner Plus automatically enhances scanned photos, increasing sharpness and contrast and restoring color to create digital images that you can easily share with family and friends.

Photo Scanner Plus requires a one-time payment of $5.99, although it has limitations. If you want unlimited photo backup and online access, you’ll need to subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan. Photo Scanner Plus can be downloaded from the App Store.

Best features:

  • Scan multiple photos into one image
  • Application of photographic filters and colorization of images
  • Easy sharing of scanned photos on social networks


Available only on iOS, Pic Scanner lets you scan multiple photos at the same time, making digitizing your images quick and easy. In the app, you can rotate photos, enhance colors with filters, and add detailed information about each image for your own reference.

Although a free version of Pic Scanner is available, it is limited to only 12 images. However, at just $3.99, the full version lets you scan and share as often as you like. Pic Scanner can be downloaded from the App Store.

Best features:

  • Scan multiple photos into one image
  • Photo editing tools and filters
  • Unlimited photo, album, and slideshow editing

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