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Photography magazines that must follow to be a photographer

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As an artist and professional, it is always interesting to keep up to date and follow the best photography magazines for photographers

To be a good artist, one of the important elements that you must take into account is, not only the context and current status of your profession but its history. Sometimes, in order to find your own place as an artist, you have to know what has been done, the background that has paved the way for you. Photographers’ magazines can not only inspire you, but they can also teach you more than you could ever imagine.

This is precisely why educational work is so important because it teaches you what has been done before. It must be emphasized that an artist never stops learning, evolving. This is the reason why it is so important to know the publications that may exist in the photographic field. These are some of the most important magazines that you should know if you are a photographer (whether amateur or professional):

National Geographic

pioneering photography magazines

Whether you are a professional photographer or if it is not important that you know this magazine specialized in science, nature, history, and travel photography. The first known edition dates from October 1888, 128 years ago. Its cultural publications are always accompanied by the best photographs, making it home to some of the best photojournalists in the world.

It was one of the pioneering magazines to publish its images in color at the beginning of the 20th century. Its photography contest is one of the best known in the entire globe, with nearly 80 countries participating in it. The quality of his images, as well as his reports and articles, has not over the years and still today is one of the best-selling magazines.


It is a magazine with considerably less travel than the previous one (although it is not very difficult), since it began in 2014. It is a magazine that deals with fashion but from a photographic point of view. The name precisely gives a good clue to the line of the publication, as it focuses mainly on the point of view of the photo assistant. Although it is only published a couple of times a year, it is a great example of artistic professionalism. It is, without a doubt, a magazine that is worth knowing and studying.


Although the name of this magazine, as in the previous case, can give us more than one clue (although it must be said, in this case, the clue is more obvious) Tapas is a great example of gastronomic photography. If you are one of those who are eager to take pictures of food, this may be a very interesting publication for you. It gives more than one lesson on how a specialized magazine (in this case about food) can give a lot of itself and, above all, teach us much more than it seems.

DNG Magazine

DNG Photo Magazine is an interesting proposal on photography that, although it is not on paper, can be downloaded very easily from the web completely free of charge. Published on a monthly basis since 2008, all kinds of photographic issues are dealt with in it. As they themselves assure on their website, this magazine is aimed at all those who, with some knowledge about photography (whether basic or advanced) want to know more. They usually have artists appear on their covers and their content ranges from interviews to reports and articles on all kinds of topics related to photography.

Any of these photography magazines for photographers can help you grow as a professional and find other points of view that can be very enriching.

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