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Is photography a skill or a talent?

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Talents are useful, but skills are vital. Only by getting your nose to the grindstone can you develop skills. Otherwise, you’ll only have the talent to show for all your hard work. It takes years—even decades—to acquire the photographic skill. If you don’t possess an abundance of either time or patience, you owe it to yourself to be in the company of other photographers who are willing and able to document their world.

Is photography a skill or a talent?

I say it’s both. Everyone has the ability to take a picture, but it takes some people longer than others to learn how to use their camera properly, know what they’re doing behind the lens, and have the technical skills required. However, having that natural ‘talent’ can push you through all of these barriers more quickly. It doesn’t have to take years to get good at something if you have a natural gift for it. Talent can also be developed with training and practice. Is photography a skill or a talent?

Hard work, practice, patience

photography talent

These are the skills I need daily to keep improving my photographs – that is what makes me persist in the years of hard work to get good at what I do. I think you need all three in equal measure for photography. To become good takes years of practice and hard work. Writing this post has definitely made me appreciate the skills I’ve developed over time more – a cup of tea is a must!

It really can be a combination of both

Certainly, you have to apply yourself and keep learning, but the ‘natural ability to take good pictures can be the inspiration that pushes you forward. You may not even realize what it is but having that little bit of extra ‘something’ gives you an advantage over others who don’t have it.

You need both, for sure! If one has no talent, skill won’t help much. But if one has talent but no skill, it won’t be of any use either.

Does photography require talent?

You guess! And you need skills to make your talent work. All the world’s great artists had some “gift” that allowed them to create their magic, but they also spent many years perfecting their craft. It takes both talent and skill to produce a great photograph, which transcends its subject matter and moves people who view it. Talent (and inspiration, imagination, and the like) will allow you to take photographs that stand out from the pack. Skills are what make your images technically correct so they can reach their full potential.

Is photography a skill?

You need skills to create photographs that might be considered “good” or even great by others. But is photography truly an art form? Its roots are in science, which means it is also a skill. Only artistic talent can elevate it toward the realm of art. Currently, you need both skills and talents to be an accomplished photographer.

Talent is something you are born with. Skills can be learned or acquired over time, but talent is that special gift that allows some people to produce great works of art while others struggle to get the photograph in focus. It’s not fair, but it’s true.

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