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5 Tips for Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

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The divorce “epidemic” is a hot-button issue, no doubt. But most couples looking to get married aren’t concerned about the possibility of divorce. They’re entering into a union with the person they love intent on creating a family bond that will last a lifetime. And if you’re heading down the aisle with your soul mate, you probably want to make sure that the images you capture are just as indelibly perfect as your memories of this special day. This will take some preparation, though. Amazing photos don’t just happen; they are a combination of lighting, set-up, posing, and of course, the preparedness of the subjects being photographed.

So here are just a few tips that should help to ensure every photo from your wedding day is a keeper.

  • Plan for beautification.

Preparing for perfect wedding photos begins with looking your best, and this will require some planning. If you want to get in shape, you could start a diet and exercise regimen as much as six months in advance, for example. Or if you’re looking to clear up acne or other skin issues, you should schedule intensive treatments (microdermabrasion, chemical peel, laser therapy, etc.) a minimum of 6 weeks before the wedding, although 2-3 months out is preferable since everyone heals at different rates. The week before the wedding you should go for treatments like a haircut and color, a facial, and/or spray tanning. A mani-pedi should be done the day before. And styling (hair and makeup) will occur on the day of your wedding, although you should probably do a pre-session with your stylists to make sure you like the final result before you commit.

  • Pick your locations.

The setting for your wedding photos is almost as important as the people in them, so scout locations beforehand and do some test shots to see what you like. Don’t forget, you also have to account for the time of year and the time of day if your photos are outside. You don’t want the full, overhead sunlight at noon to wash out your pictures and leave weird shadows on your face.

  • Practice posing.

Take a cue from supermodels and practice posing in front of a mirror and even taking test shots with a friend. You’ll figure out which side photographs better and you can try out modeling tricks like thrusting your chin out and down for the most flattering look every time.

  • Prep the wedding party.

You’re going to a lot of trouble and expense to ensure that your wedding photos look fabulous (and you look fantastic in them) and you don’t want rogue bridesmaids or groomsmen ruining the effect. So let the members of your wedding party know exactly what you expect ahead of time.

  • Talk to your photographer.

If you want to look great in your wedding photos, it’s important to understand that you can only control half of the equation. Your photographer is the other half. So when you hire a professional, do so with the understanding that he/she brings experience and know-how to the table, but don’t be afraid to ask questions and assert yourself to ensure you get what you want. To capture a day of bliss photography is essential. So take steps to make sure you and your photographer are in sync.

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